5 Mistakes & Simple Fixes to Land Paid Collaborations as an Influencer even with a small following

Hosted by Dr. Ashly Locklin, founder of the Influencer Prep Academy

Stop Wasting Time on Social Media & Start Monetizing It

If you think you need a bajillion followers, a professional camera, or a travel blogger's life to land paid brand deals...think again!

I'm going to address the 5 biggest mistakes and simple fixes you can make to land paid collabs this month without a big following!

If there was a way to turn your #ootd and #momlife posts into profits, would you go for it?


  • The surefire way to get in front of brands and have them sending over contracts for paid deals
  • What really matters when landing brand deals - and it's NOT your follower number
  • Exactly what you need to develop your personal brand and create an IG bio that attracts followers and brands
  • What you should and shouldn't say in a brand pitch...aka how to set yourself apart from all the rest
  • How to create a media kit that makes you a hot commodotity...regardless of your experience and follower number
  • Plus a bonus: the mindset tips and tricks you need to succeed as a paid influencer

Plus I'm giving you my Top Tips for Creating Influencer-Worthy Photos with your Phone...for FREE - just for attending the Masterclass! This guide will squash any limiting beliefs you have about your photo skills and teach you how to create an IG feed that has brands begging you to work with them!


Let me ask you this...

In the past year, how many things have you bought or added to your cart after seeing an influencer talk about them on social media? That curling wand, those tanks, that lipstick, those shoes, that baby wrap, that stroller?

Well imagine you were the influencer sharing them and getting paid to promote the things you already use and love?

Imagine getting a free box of food from a delivery service AND a few hundred (or thousand) dollars to post about it.

Imagine getting the hair care products you see all the girls on Instagram using for free and then getting paid to do a tutorial with them.

It's possible for YOU. Let me show you how! 

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