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Dr. Ashly Locklin


Your Comprehensive Guide for Building Your Personal Brand & Landing Paid Sponsorships developing your unique brand, creating content that attracts die-hard fans and lifers, and landing paid collaborations with brands you love

If there was a way to turn your #ootd and #momlife photos into a personal brand and paying business, would you go for it?

You’re already spending time on the ‘Gram, scrolling, double-tapping, screenshotting inspo, right?

What if you could get paid for doing the things you’re already doing?

What if you could get products and trips for free just by sharing your passions with a little more intention and strategy?

Let me ask you this...

In the past year, how many things have you bought or added to your cart after seeing an influencer talk about them on social media? That curling wand, those tanks, that lipstick, those shoes, that baby wrap, that stroller?

Well imagine you were the influencer sharing them and getting paid to promote the things you already use and love?


Imagine getting a free box of food from a delivery service AND a few hundred (or thousand) dollars to post about it. Imagine getting the hair care products you see all the girls on Instagram using for free and then getting paid to do a tutorial with them.

The reality is that influencer marketing is where it’s at.


Big and small brands have realized the power of influencer marketing and are pouring money into REAL women - not models or actors anymore. We’re more likely to buy something after seeing a girl we’ve been following on Instagram share it as opposed to a random actor on a television ad or in a magazine ad. Because what does that girl on Instagram have? Our trust. We watch her every day. We know what she has for breakfast, where she shops, what insecurities she has. We know her. We like her. We trust her. We remember her.

So when she shares the latest thing she’s into, we WANT it. If she’s using it, it has to be good. We need it too.

And that’s why the influencer marketing game is so HOT right now. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a perfect size 0 model or actress to work with brands anymore. Instead, it’s the average girl, the plus-sized fashion lover, the hot mess mom next door that brands are choosing to promote their products because these women are RELATABLE and REAL.

And you don’t need a million followers either.


Many brands choose to work with “micro-influencers” who have small but fiercely loyal followings. It’s not about quantity anymore, it’s about quality. Brands would rather work with a mom who has a relatively small following but gets tons of comments and shares on her posts over a random account with millions of followers but no comments, likes, or shares. Because engagement is KING. Brands want to work with women who inspire, educate, and entertain. Women who get their audiences to do things, to take action. Women who can INFLUENCE.


So if you’re snapping pictures of your outfits, if you’re sharing your favorite makeup brands, if you’re posting drool-worthy foodspo and recipes, if you’re bribing your kids with cookies for the perfect picture...why aren’t you monetizing it?


If there was a clear step-by-step process to turn your Instagram profile from struggling amateur to paid professional, would you follow it?



The Influencer Prep Academy

Your complete A-Z guide to transforming your Instagram from drab to fab. From amateur to professional. The ins and outs of posting scroll-stopping photos, writing captions that keep bringing people back for more, and landing paid collaborations with the brands you love.


Would you put a praise hands emoji on any of these statements? If so, the Influencer Prep Academy is for you!

  • You're a fashion lover, a blogger, a creative, an artist, and have legit value to share. But you're constantly fighting the algorithm and praying to the Instagram Gods that your posts will be seen. You're exhausted from putting in the hours of planning, shooting, editing, and posting only to get a few likes from your mom and random bots. You want to gain more exposure and put your talents to use by working with brands who respect your style and hustle.
  • You're a MLM maven, a direct sales distributor, a beauty consultant...and things are okay-ish. And you love the idea of diversifying your income and landing brand deals that align with your current business and brand.
  • In the words of Rihanna, you're willing to work, work, work, work, work...for at least 30 days. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this isn't a get-rich-quick-scheme. Building a brand, growing a following, and landing collaboration deals doesn't happen by osmosis. You can't just buy the course and then immediately check to see if your email is blowing up with collaboration offers. You have to put in the work and trust the process.

The Secret Sauce: Courage + Confidence + Tools

Successful influencers have one thing in common: courage.

  • Courage to reach out to brands that will pay them in real money.
  • Courage to negotiate when the deal needs to be sweetened.
  • Courage to stand their ground and know their worth.

And Influencer Prep Academy helps to build that courage by providing you with the exact words and steps to land deals. You'll know what to say and what to expect in the pitching, negotiating, and collaborating game.

Imagine being equipped with the tools and scripts to confidently pitch to brands and negotiate better deals. No guesswork or feeling like a novice. You’ll learn how to approach the collaboration process with confidence and courage.

Who is it for?

  • The mom who finds joy in posting to social media and would love to turn her passion into a side hustle and income for her family and get free baby and kid items along the way.
  • The blogger who is spending hours creating content and praying the Instagram Gods will favor her account and get her noticed by the brands she loves.
  • The fashion lover who keeps posting her #ootd in the hopes a brand will notice her and throw some free merch or money her way.
  • The makeup artist who wants to learn how to reach more clients and work with the beauty brands she loves and uses daily.
  • The personal trainer who wants to establish herself as an expert online, attract new clients through the online space, and get paid to promote the products, clothes, equipment, and gear she uses every day.
  • The network marketer who is struggling to attract her ideal clients and team members and would love to learn how to flip the script and get women to knock down her door to join. She would also die for the ability to create another stream of income from paid collaborations with brands that align with her current business.
  • The gal who is an "aspiring influencer" and wants to learn how to build a personal brand - one that focuses on her uniqueness, passions, talents, and gifts. The idea of earning an income by posting and sharing the things she loves sounds AH-MAZING and the perfect way to let her creativity shine.

It's NOT for...

  • Women who are social media masters, have large followings of die-hard followers, and regularly land paid collaborations with brands they love.
  • Gals who are looking for an overnight success story, a get-rich-quick scheme, or a lot of money without any work or business strategy.
  • Social media mavens who've already mastered personal development, brand creation, social media growth strategies, advertising, content creation, social media engagement, pitching, negotiating, or landing paid collaborations.
  • Someone looking to be "instafamous" fast. This is a marathon, not a sprint. And Influencer Prep Academy focuses on the steps you need to take to establish yourself as an influencer and build a profitable online business.

What’s Included


The lessons, workbook, guides, and templates are immediately available once you enroll.


  • the course is mobile and tablet friendly
  • you can work at your own pace and time
  • you can choose the best learning format for your style - video, audio, written transcript, or all of the above!
  • you can revisit and rewatch as often as you want - you have lifetime access
  • the course will constantly be updated to reflect new social media and influencer marketing trends - nothing will ever be outdated
  • you get a 33 page workbook will all my expert activities and guides to walk you through the entire process of developing your brand, creating content, increasing engagement, pitching to brands, negotiating deals, and landing collaborations
  • you get to join a private Facebook community with other influencers, bloggers, and network marketers crushing the collaboration game too
  • you have two options to upgrade to a VIP membership to get additional training/support/1:1 coaching

a peek inside


Influencer Prep Academy Curriculum

Influencer Prep Academy consists of 6 Modules that are specifically designed to help you build your unique brand, stand out from all the rest, grow a loyal following of “lifers,” then pitch and negotiate lucrative deals.

Plus these BONUS trainings:


Avatar Academy: Attracting Your Ideal Follower or Client (a $197 value)
  • Identify your ideal follower and learn how to speak to her directly so she is drawn to you like a magnet. Rather than chasing down the wrong people and spending days or weeks engaging with people who won’t follow you back (or ever buy from you), learn how to attract your ideal followers to your brand and turn them into raving fans and lifers.
Giveaway Academy: The Ins & Outs of Hosting Giveaways (a $27 value)
  • Discover the power (and fun) of doing giveaways to grow your following. Whether they are sponsored entirely by you or whether you partner up with other influencers or giveaway accounts, you’ll learn the top tips for creating successful giveaways that draw the right crowd to your page.

Get Started Now

Sounds great! So how much does it cost?

Well, you have two options…

Option 1

You could keep posting and scrolling Instagram without being paid for it. You could keep watching random videos on how to grow your following. You could keep tagging brands and praying they offer you a huge chunk of money.

Option 2

Or you could get a complete A-to-Z guide on how to build your unique brand, stand out, grow your following, create content that keeps bringing people back for more, and get over the intimidation factor of positioning yourself as a legit influencer and business and learn how to reach out to brands and negotiate prices.

Enrollment Options

We have 3 different levels of support to help you start and scale your business plus different payment options to fit your budget

A One-Time Payment Of...

Influencer Prep Academy - One-Time $197

When you enroll TODAY, here's what you'll be unlocking in just minutes:

  • Influencer Prep Academy Course (a $999 value)
  • Avatar Academy: Attracting Your Ideal Follower or Client (a $197 value)
  • Giveaway Academy: The Ins & Outs of Hosting Giveaways (a $27 value)
  • Private Facebook Community (value - priceless)

Grab your calculator
That's a whopping $1,223!

But dab your forehead sweat, because I'm not charging anywhere near that to teach you all things branding, marketing, and collaborating.

If you're ready to grow your following along with your profit, you're in the right place and I want this course to be accessible to every woman who is chasing her dreams and imagining that first collaboration payment landing in her PayPal account.

Here's how you'll start making money by doing what you love:

Step 1

Select your package, embrace those "add to cart" vibes, then check your email to gain immediate access to the course and our private community. No waiting games here! Then pour a glass of wine, print out your workbook, and start learning. Pause the Netflix binge and start the IPA binge.

Step 2

As you work through the course & build your brand, audience, press kit, and pitches, pop into our private community to connect with other women on the journey and ask for feedback on your posts & pitches, because there's nothing like an extra set of eyes from women who know exactly what to look for!

Step 3

Fast forward a month. Your brand has been birthed, you're clear on your voice and message, and you're emailing brand reps like a BOSS. You're landing your first collaborations and you're excited and ready to land better and better deals in the coming months with your new negotiation skills.


Does this sound like you?

"I would love to pitch to a brand for a sponsored collaboration, but I'm scared and have no clue where to start! What do I even say?"

"I get offers all the time for free products in exchange for posts, but I want to start getting paid for collaborations. How do I negotiate? What do I charge? What do I say to the brand?"

"I've thought about reaching out to a brand for a sponsored collaboration, but I'm scared they'll say no or won't respond at all. Is that normal?"

"I've been posting to social media pretty regularly, but I'm getting nowhere. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!"

If you said YES to any of those, Influencer Prep Academy is for you!

About Ashly

Hi! I'm Dr. Ashly Locklin.

The girl who created her own rags to riches story by creating a seven figure empire on social media by being her authentic self. I love high-waisted yoga pants, birthday cake flavored anything, Disney, and working from home with my babies by my side. My mission? To help women realize their limitless potential, break free of the traps in which they are confined, and create their own inspirational stories of financial freedom.

I'm an expert at online marketing and I'm obsessed with teaching other women how to earn a living by showing up on social media as their authentic selves, finding their voice, unlocking their creativity, and spending more time with their families.

And I want to help you do all of those things too. Let's increase your bottom line as you build a brand and a business from your couch.


Yes, Ashly! I'm Ready!


A One-Time Payment Of...

Influencer Prep Academy - One-Time $197


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